Frequently Asked Questions


What does my FREE taster session involve?

We invite your child to come along, have a play and meet our friendly, fun coaches. This will give you a chance to see the structure of the session and decide whether you wish to join our #teamkickstars!

My child is shy or hasn’t done anything like this before? Would Kickstars Football be suitable?

Our experienced coaches are trained to encourage the inclusion for all children with various needs and personalities. We can almost guarantee that no matter how shy your child is that they will participate at their own comfortable speed and enjoy the sessions.

How many children are in a class?

The maximum number of children in a class will not exceed 18. Two coaches are always at the session to ensure the smooth running of the class. This low ratio ensures a high standard of coaching for all children.

What does the enrolment fee include?

The enrolment fee covers your child’s insurance to play, priority enrolment over waiting lists to other classes, plus your child receives a FREE Kickstars Football kit (shirt, shorts and socks). The enrolment fee is a one-off charge and covers your child until their 9th birthday. If your child leaves a class and wishes to return at any point then we do not charge this fee again.

What if my child misses a session due to illness or holiday?

Unfortunately, we do not refund any missed sessions within a paid block. However, we do offer a programme whereby if you have a friend who wishes to come along instead then they can do so for free. We also give one free session if a block of 12 sessions is purchased. Occasionally we may be able to offer a session on a different day/at a different venue. Simply contact us to find out. These must be pre-booked as it does depend on where there is a space available.

How do I pay?

Following your free taster session a member of the team will contact you to see if you wish to return the following week. We offer a direct debit system to pay via our payment system called ‘Love Admin’ so once you’ve entered your card details you don’t need to do anything else! Monthly payments are deducted from your bank account (processed on the 1st) around the 6th-8th of each month.

Are your coaches qualified to teach my child?

All Kickstars coaches are DBS checked and hold a Child Safeguarding qualification. All coaches have Emergency First Aid and are trained by the Kickstars Football management team. The majority of our team are either in teaching or childcare roles, professional footballers or experienced coaches. Team Kickstars are carefully selected to ensure they bring fun, excitement and a vast experience of knowledge and skill to every session so that your child has the best experience whilst at their Kickstars Football session.

What should my child wear and bring with them?

For your first session, your child just needs to wear something comfortable and trainers. No studded boots please. Your child’s FREE ‘Kickstars Football’ kit will be available to collect at the start of the second session once payment is received.

Can I leave my child at the session?

We encourage parental participation, especially in our younger sessions. As your child gets older and moves up through the groups they do become more independent as they are able to take instruction without your participation. However, a parent/carer must always stay at the session on the side-line throughout the whole class.

Do I need to buy football boots and shin-pads?

All our sessions are held indoors so trainers or astro-turf boots are perfect but studs or blades are not to be worn. We do insist on shin-pads to be worn in our Level Three sessions as matches are played.

Can we pay as you go for sessions?

All our weekend sessions run all year round and our mid-week sessions are term-time only. Classes must be pre-paid in blocks prior to attending.

Do I have to wait until the start of a term/season for my child to have a taster session?

If a space is available and pre-booked your child can start at any point during the term!

How long do sessions last?

This depends on the venue/day. Classes vary from 30mins – 50mins. Most mid-week sessions are 30mins long and weekend sessions are 45mins (50mins for Level Three).

What if my child is too young for a group but is high ability?

When you come for your taster session, our experienced coaches can guide you on which group is the most suitable for your child. Our age groups are only a guide, so if you and the coaches think your child should be in a different group, this will be accommodated.

What if my child wishes to move on to join a football team or we wish to leave Kickstars Football?

As per our terms and conditions we require one months notice by way of email to cancel your monthly subscription. If you leave and wish to return at any point up to your child’s 9th birthday we do not charge a re-enrolment fee and you get priority over any waiting lists. We have links with local clubs in some of our areas, and can recommend where to contact to progress your child into grassroots football teams once they ‘graduate’ from Kickstars and are ready to join a team.

Were you previously called Kickers Football?

That’s right! In January 2022 we chose to change our name to ‘Kickstars Football’ after years of being the most popular local football training organisation in Shropshire for pre-schoolers and toddlers. We consider all the children we coach to be ‘Superstars’ and have always used the hashtag #kickerssuperstars. This name change fits within our belief that all children, no matter what their ability, confidence level and understanding of the game will enjoy one of our classes! As a family run, independent business all the coaches and management that form #teamkickstars are proud to be a huge part of your child’s footballing experience from a young age. Go #teamkickstars!!! If you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for? Come and join us!