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Shropshire’s number one football classes

for girls & boys 18mths – 9yrs



Beginners: 18mths-2yrs
& Level One: 2-3½yrs

At Kickstars Football, the first steps are the most significant. Beginning your child’s football experience with us will encourage them to learn through age-appropriate play in a safe, indoor environment. Our coaches are fun and engaging which helps develop pre-school learning goals such as colours, numbers, sharing, balance, and coordination. Our sessions are themed to encourage your child to express themselves, communicate and have loads of fun!

Level Two: 3½-5 yrs

Tuning into your child’s developing motor skills, these colourful classes evolve their growing abilities to encourage more independent play. Involving more advanced football skills to offer a more realistic game feel whilst encouraging teamwork, your child will strengthen their ability to listen, to take on board and carry out instruction. Bringing your child to Kickstars Football will help them develop socially, mentally, and physically.

Level Three: 5-9yrs

Understanding why and how skills such as passing, attacking and defending are used in a game is the main ethos of this session.
Our coaches encourage the importance of fair-play and respect into the sessions to allow your child to learn the fundamentals to play for a team in the future.
At this stage, skills are translated to a real-life match environment, but it’s also a terrific place to start for children who have never played football before.

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